Expandable Homes
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Iron Matrix is a modular structure built from just two different structural steel parts.

Modules can be assembled, reconfigured and expanded by hand. No crane, no earth moving equipment and no scaffolding.

Up to two stories can be built on flat, sloped or rocky terrain. Rooms are created by removing vertical steel members after construction.

A better home for a lower cost. 

Iron Matrix homes are more energy efficient to manufacture, transport, install, live in and can be resold, relocated or recycled.

Solar Panels can be installed as walls or on the flat roof.

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Steel as the primary structural building material with its inherent recyclable nature and its efficiency of assembly, is the logical and responsible choice for Green Building

— U.S. Green Building Council —


Construction Time Lapse

Iron Matrix Explained


Iron Matrix was created by David Morgan of Perth, Western Australia. It is a reconfigurable, energy efficient housing construction system that can be built by anyone, anywhere.

A native of Western Australia, David completed bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Commerce at the University of Western Australia.  Upon graduation in 1997 he entered the oil and gas industry through an engineering position at Woodside Petroleum.  While at Woodside he worked his way through maintenance and project roles in Karratha, Perth and South Korea.

In 2006 David joined Chevron Australia as a business analyst. During his 9 year tenure at Chevron he had the opportunity to live and work in the United States, Nigeria and Singapore. He held positions of increasing responsibility including Commercial Analyst, Project Engineer, Engineering Manager, Business Manager and Project Manager on Major Capital Projects.

David’s interests outside of work include travel and sharing experiences with his family, spending time with nature and reading about evolutionary psychology, physics, design and the economy.


David Morgan – Founder, Iron Matrix


Iron Matrix is the culmination of David’s passion for life, design and engineering which he gained through his technical, commercial and strategic experience in the energy industry.





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